If you’ve ever lost a piece of jewelry or had it damaged beyond repair, you know the gut‐wrenching sense of loss that follows. We can help take the sting out of that by facilitating jewelry insurance, and insurance replacement assistance.

Jewelry Insurance

Loss or damage to your fine jewelry can be emotionally and financially devastating. A personal jewelry insurance policy will repair or replace your insured jewelry if it is lost, stolen, or damaged. It even covers “mysterious disappearance.” Goldsmith Co. recommends Jewelers Mutual’s no-deductible policies. Jewelers Mutual Insurance is the only insurance company that specializes in protecting jewelers as well as personal jewelry. Founded in 1913, Jewelers Mutual–licensed in all 50 states– insures personal jewelry for more than 100,000 people.
Goldsmith Co. facilitates jewelry insurance purchases as a service to our customers. We do not receive any compensation for doing so. We suggest Jewelers Mutual only because it is the best value for jewelry insurance. If you are interested in a Jewelers Mutual policy please contact us.

Insurance Replacement Assistanc

Utah County Jewelry
Goldsmith Co. specializes in helping find replacement jewelry or fabricating custom replacements when you experience a loss. With our access to a diverse selection of manufacturers as well as our in-house manufacturing and repair facility–the largest in Utah County–we can help you find the exact piece you are looking to replace. We can help you identify and select jewelry of equal quality and value as the original, and we deal with the insurance company.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us! My ring is BEAUTIFUL! The diamond looks so good. Thanks again. Your Goldsmith customers for life,

James & Meagan

Tip from Wil and Trevor: Getting your jewelry appraised at least every five years is a great habit to get into. If you buy jewelry every year, you may want to do it annually. Key it off your Anniversary or some other (even more) memorable date like Christmas, and you’ll find it’s not that much trouble to get it done.