Pearl Stringing

Pearls should be restrung every few years to replace the strand they are threaded on, which can weaken over time. We can make your pearl necklace or bracelet look like new and make sure those precious matched pearls are well secured. Our experienced stringers use the finest silk cords to ensure every restring lasts as long as possible.

Pearl Care

Utah County Jewelry
Depending on how often you wear your pearls, they should be re-strung occasionally. This will help to prevent breakage from threads that have become weakened from wear and tear, as well as by skin oils and cosmetics.

Because fine strands of pearls are knotted between each and every pearl, even a break is not a catastrophe and you won’t see your pearls rolling all over the floor, should an accident occur. Check the clasp on your strand of pearls periodically to be sure it closes securely. (Goldsmith Co. can repair clasps of any kind, so come on in the minute you see a problem with the clasp.)

First of all, thank you for helping Colby and I out so much with our rings. We both love them! I get so many compliments on mine & couldn't be happier. Also, thanks so much for the jewelry box. Hope all is well.

Colby & Katie Heiner

Tip from Wil and Trevor: After a jewelry loss, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing we can help you replace what was stolen or damaged. We know it’s not the same as having great grandma's actual wedding ring, but we can make one that looks exactly like it. (Just make sure you take close-up pictures of anything that you’ll want to get replaced — before it gets stolen. We're good, but we're not psychic.)